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 Kellie Jetter


The reading I had with Kellie was absolutely remarkable!

Having this much information in one reading is incredibly validating and exactly what I needed at this time in my life.

She helped me connect to my own awareness, but I also learned that I had not been listening to what my inner self was trying to tell me.

The cards spoke loud and clear and I am learning to trust my intuition now more than ever.

After the reading, Kellie helped me create a poem that put all the messages together.

I read it everyday and it brings me to tears. This was truly an inspirational experience.

I highly recommend a reading with Kellie!”

~Jill T. B.



Hello! Consider that it’s not by chance, but it’s your voyage that has led you here and it will continue to lead you through your own personal evolution.

YOU are an incredible soul with the power to shape your life. However, it’s easy to lose sight at times with our busy lifestyles. If you feel you have lost your own truth or if you are going in circles trying to identify your life of purpose–you are not alone. If you seek to become more positive, more abundant or simply more peaceful—you are not alone.
We innately know it is our purpose to be happy and live authentically, but sometimes we are blocked in getting there or don’t know a good place to start. The good news is we ARE guided and our soul knows exactly what it needs to evolve!

Using Oracle Cards is one way to tune into your personal answers. Personalized readings can give you deeply profound information you need NOW.


Your Powerful Reading

I use my intuitive connections, along with oracle cards to help you receive significant messages to move you forward. The cards are powerful messengers! You will:
• receive special information your soul wants you to know
• reveal inner blocks or what needs to be healed in a specific situation
• learn about your future outcome around a specific situation (abundance, unique abilities, love & relationships, health or other life experiences)
I’ve had the honor of reading for and coaching with people from many parts of the world (Europe, Panama, Canada & all over the US!). We can connect in-person, via phone, over email or via Skype.

To learn more about readings with me, click here

About Me:

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and I'm certified as an Oracle Card Reader, Soul Coach, Gateway Dream Practitioner & Past Life Coach. As a professional coach and facilitator, I am very passionate about inspiring and connecting with others.

My professional journey encompasses twenty years of experience. My ongoing commitment to my personal growth and development, both formal training and self-directed practice, has enabled me to find my place as a Soul Coach. I love coaching and I truly believe it is life- changing.

I regularly conduct individual coaching sessions, teach online programs and courses and facilitate workshops and retreats on a variety of transformational topics.

To read my personal story, click here.  I wish you lots of happiness on your voyage, and if our paths connect, it would be my privilege to share in your journey.
Lots of Love,
~Kellie  |  |



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